Metaset is a charting app for macOS, that is great for digging in to your data, and gain insights. All processing is done locally on your Mac.

Check out the videos below for a quick tour.

Video Introductions


Bring any source: currently supports CSV, SQLite, and any PostgreSQL flavored data sources.
Easy charting: choose a column from your data to quickly refresh your chart
Chart Types
Flexible: choose between bar, line and scatter chart
Sort and Filter
Sort and Filter: Metaset provides many ways to sort and filter your data. Experiment and dig deep.
Keep a history: Save snapshots of your charts as you explore. Reuse them later.
  • Keep your data to yourself: Metaset does not send your data anywhere. All processing is done locally on your Mac.
  • Lots more to come: We are just getting started. If you'd like to see a feature in an upcoming release. Please get in touch.